Video Bonus to the locomotive is missing!

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  • Hello all.

    Sorry for the missunderstanding. We already instructed the text to be adapted accordingly.

    You only get the Upgrades for the pollux in the second bonus video. Not in the first one that increases the bonus for your building.

    So you need to watch max. 28 BONUS videos, not 28 videos in general, to get all upgrades guaranteed.



  • Thanks.

    That sounds very embarrassing.

    Consider the strategy again.

    56 videos a day for too many players is too much.

    And if they are without a plus, they can reach 80-90 videos per day for 2 bonuses.?!?!?!?!

    You will regret watching them video.

    These are players who enter the game 1-2-3 times a day.

    And you expect them to watch 40-100+ minutes of video a day?!?!?

    You must set up to 10 videos per day to receive the 2nd bonus!

    These players can't spend more than 10-15 minutes a day watching videos!

    And 112 videos are too few for active free players.

    Consider the strategy again!

  • I am an active player.

    But even for me, these videos are too many.

    I tried to watch and gave up.

    The more players who do not have time will give up.

  • You will achieve much better results if you make all players watch 10 videos a day.

    This way, many more videos will be watched daily by many more players.

    Consider this!

  • Pia_BF

    I know you can't give feedback.

    I am writing it especially for you(RN team).

    To help you and the game.

    Please consider the changes carefully.

    Watching a video by a player should not require more than 10-15 minutes a day.

    There is also another big problem.

    These calculations are made for a large team.

    Players in small and medium teams are at a disadvantage.

    Because they have very little video to watch.

    You have to visit the team many times a day to watch videos.

    Which is impossible for most players.

    It is true that many players visit the game 2-3 times a day, but they cannot spend the necessary time watching a video with each visit!

    You need to provide them with a video when they have time to watch it!

    The calculations should be such that with one visit to the game you can watch all the necessary videos.

    Only then will many players watch the video ads you offer!

    Please convey these considerations.

    With best wishes,