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  • wenn ich mich für USA vorangemeldet habe, aber jetzt nicht USA gestartet wurde, dann muss man vielleicht warten bis wieder PTR2 USA gestartet wird, das sind schliesslich 2 grundverschiedene Spiele.

  • nicht wirklich, das es sich um PTR2 handelt....USA war erst mit ES zuende (PTR2) und natürlich meldet mach sich vorab...jetzt lassen die aber auf PTR2 den OJ laufen und wir kommen daher nicht rein...bei mir steht auch zB für OJ, dass ich vorangemeldet bin...kann ja nicht sein - aber für USA bin ich das...wie gesagt PTR2 für beides - und da liegt der Hase im Pfeffer, weil du auf PTR2 nicht gleichzeitig USA u OJ speilen kannst ;)

  • @letche + andere

    Es handelt sich um ein Problem mit Voranmeldung. Jeder der vorangemeldet it kmmt nicht rein

    RN bitte das Problem lösen



  • same as other people pre-registration , does not load to log on , all i get is a picture of a map with 3 phoios, and a thick red line across the page

  • Ich komm auch nicht mehr rein, hab seit heute morgen versucht, mich anzumelden. Mal klappt es, um dann nach einer Aktion nichts mehr machen zu können.

    Und das beim Endspiel. Schöner Mist hier. :cursing:

  • Totally agree with Skytrain, was same again this morning!

    It took me over 20 minutes to login this morning, we were in the End Game and I was the caller!!!

    This isn't ready for general release yet, the login issues are too bad and need fixing.


  • 8| It's not lovely when the upgrade has more bugs than before!!! :cursing:

    Please make upgrades with care!!! :whistling:  :rolleyes:

    - stuck on screenserver

    - faulty train station

    - incomplete tracks

  • Hello dear Admin,

    A few minutes ago I logged in to the PTR2 server, but I couldn't access the train station menu. I logged out, and I cleared my laptop's cache memory. After this I tried to access the PTR Lobby three times, until I succeeded. And now I can't log in to the PTR2 server at all. It's worse now, like before last evening's maintenance.

    It is not written anywhere that the PTR2 server is now under maintenance. Please fix this serious problem! Thank you.

    I wish you a nice day!


    Lacidd23 :):saint:

    PS. I attached a recent screenshot.

  • I see my post asking when they'd respond to the dire issues with logging in was deleted.

    All people want is an answer, even if it's "we'll look into it".

    Ignoring people just makes them even more frustrated.

    Read back up through this thread, there has not been a single response to this post, even though people are getting badly stuck logging in.

    30 minutes to login, despite multiple cache clears, browser and screen refreshes is poor performance.

    Ignoring our feedback is just plain rude.

  • Hello dear Admin,

    Everything works properly for me on PTR2 server after today`s update.

    Thank you very much.

    Have a nice evening!


    Lacidd23 :)

  • PTR3 cannot open with mozilla firefox used since the beginning , I have installed opera.

    it's not a good idea, but a little avantage, the army of cookies trackers viruses are alone and cannot make injuries.

    I thinck also install cm05 with Vivaldi a clone of opera or a new browser under linux.

    an univers for gaming and one for surfing, and cow will be safety keeping.