When and how we will receive the 500 Gold for the survey?

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  • I can't use that Collect Gold function, I have Gold and Plus on other servers which I want to remain in place. I'm sure others will be in the same position.

    Please can you provide a bonus code which we can redeem in the normal manner, which EVERYONE can use!

    That's how I thought it would be done, I wouldn't have taken the time to come and help if I thought I thought I wouldn't be able to get the 500 gold that was offered to all as a thank you for helping. I played the whole round in good faith, am disappointed, as I'm sure others will be too... :(

  • that cant be right that we have to pull in all gold from all servers we have ever playd on to recice the gold promised from playing the PTR and awnsering ther servey??

    some people might have plus and gold laying on another server they might want to return to in a round or two. so that gold and plus shoud be able to stay and wait for them so please come with the REDEM codes instead thats the best way to do it!

  • Die 500 Gold kannst du auf den Liveservern abholen

    rechts oben auf Optionen klicken, dann auf Gold abholen, funktioniert einwandfrei

    You can pick up the 500 gold on the live servers
    Click on Options at the top right, then on Collect Gold, works fine

    Vielen Dank, hat geklappt.

  • No use to me and several others.

    Please could we have a bonus code, which is the normal manner for getting rewards.

    We've done our bit, you do yours...