PTR1 PAX train disappearing and not working, showing -470km/h

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  • PTR1 PAX train disappearing and not working, showing -470km/h

    connected malaga to madrid, both level 5. can select schedule of the PAX train, then the train will disappear and appear idle in trainlist, but not idle on the right panel of home page. train is not on the map nor between cities.

    no PAX train researched, this is the bonus package train.

  • Program for pax train yet scheduled from St. petersburg to landmark, passenger transport ok, but in train list it seems the pax train has no program scheduled.

  • I won Hades in lottery. When I try to assign a route it shows negative speed values and exclamation mark. Tried to assign route repeatedly, using copy schedule, manually, nothing works.

    PTR1 Speedy, Sarajevo

  • Hello all.
    Thank you for your reports!

    So far I couldn't reproduce this issue with my bonus trains :/

    Please note if you find a way to reproduce this issue 100% or have other infos that could be relevant.