Server Language and City names

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  • Hi,

    In PTR3, i started by selecting English (UK) as language. I was expecting city names like Hughston, Romsey, Tuffingston, Milton, Maybury etc.

    But i am able to see city names like hahnfeld, Landsback etc which i assume is set in a different language. I tried changing the language in my profile to English (US) and the city names remain the same.

    Is the Platform X city names different from normal classic server or this is a bug?

  • On PTR the cards are with the german names of the cities.You can't change it.

    Setting the language is for all messages you get on the server.

    The city names on Platform X depend on the country of the server. If its a german Server, they are German. If it's an international Server, they will be english. And PTR has german names.

  • Thank you for the response.

    Einstein is an EN server. Will the cities be like Maybury, Hughston etc or ?

    Yes, I guess. but I don't know it for sure. I never had been on this server.