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    That was funny firstly but not now. There are many alts and not only in this city. But, this situation is probably good for load testing i guess - many connections (from one IP exactly) but the server still opens a new socket. However, I am interested in other things.

    The enemy association used interesting tactics. They have recently registered new alts in Zell and "interrupted" our key operations by bidding a lot of money in all they can get. This is eliminated the need for their main association to spend money on bidwar. This is brilliant but it is not ethical, they fail the "fair" battle.

    The questions are:

    I don't want to re-read the Terms and Conditions and asking you directly about how legal is this - creating an alts in the railnation project?

    And will I get banned by the respected administration if I want to do the same in their city?

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    There is always hope

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