final ptr3

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  • You have upped the date no-problèm it's a ptr.

    But to play the end we prefer playing with olympus

    last time 2 days, 1 hour/

    draco (133 puncts); pluton (189 puncts) olympus (300 puncts)

    total 622 puncts

    ben, 4 days and eight hours not possible

    (the new era 250 golds 100 puncts was impossible not thirst day)

    final with dracos and pluton or hydra

    best regards

  • We all got 15 vouchers for full researchpoints.

    Enter the research site and you will find them at the top, right from the display where your resarchpoints are listed.

    And with 15 * 80 Research points its no problem, to get Olymp and Pluto

  • I can confirm that.

    Association on 6th place got 876 Prestige.

    and the second driver from his association got 907 Prestige.

    I had a look at my Prestige:

    I' ve got 1156 for Aluminium but in the towninfo it shows 1162 Prestige.

  • So it seems like the display of the prestige wasn't 100% up to date at the moment of the prestige reward.

    Because a few players more or less can make a huge different in the prestige you get.

    But the Prestige you got was the correct one.