Video 21785 Never Loads correctly

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  • Video 21785 Never Loads correctly.

    When you have to reload a video, the system should pick a different one. Having it pick the same video that doesn't load 3 times in a row is just bad form.

  • Okay so maybe it's caused by the function of our video system and due the fact, that for the ptr servers way less videos are avaiable.

    21785 is not a single video, it is a pool of videos. And the flickering you see is when the system switches through the different video in a pool.
    If no video is avaiable in this pool, it switches to the next pool and checks the videos in this pool.

    So if there are many pools without videos avaiable it could take a moment until the system finds a video. That's not so unlikely on ptr since we have much less videos avaiable here compared to live.