Can't access new bonus feature or shop

  • Just received your notice about the change to the daily bonuses and the shop. I play in PTR1 and it worked fine there. But in PTR2 you can click and click and nothing happens.

    We are starting a new era and it won't allow me to access the new era package or any other purchases.

    Please look into to it.


  • same here on PTR1, no way to access the Gold shop.

    Tried to logout, to close browser and empty cache but without success

    Also getting error message when loading :


  • Once again, same as above. Only 8 hours and 36 minutes left before the era package expires, so you had better fix it or have a big number of unhappy testers...

  • Hello all!
    Thank you for your reports :)

    The issue with the Shop that doesn't open should be solved now.



  • Now the Gold shop can be accessed. But you can't by the era6-startpackige becose it's more than 24 hours from start era6 :-(