Strange icon-behaviour in Instant-Purchase

  • Since quite a while now, I have been wondering what these numbers actually mean... at first - I though it was just a (regular) glitch - and it would be gone with the next update...

    but - it has remained like this for months now - and I don't know if anyone has ever posted about this:


    Over the Instant buy button, there is a purple indicator showing IF I have a freebee direct voucher. This NUMBERING is what disturbs me.

    What is "0/2" supposed to mean?!?!?!

    Is it I have 0 out of needed 2 instants ?!?!?!

    Now, since nothing else CAN build this - I clearly suggest that you take away this slash ("/").

    Wither you HAVE an instant voucher - or you don't. Period.

    Earlier, I think it was shown how many instants you had... (a single number).

    Even this is not REALLY necessary, but informative.


    - could it be that you have DRASTICALLY minimized the number of instant one can win - on the PTR servers?!?!

    (As of last 2 rounds - I even seem to notice that one can't win instants in Epo 6 at ALL!).