I have a question. Antialiasing what is it for?

  • Good evening dear Admin,

    I have a question. It is not a bug, but I did not know where to post, and that's
    why I wrote it here.

    I saw an option in the Options / Display options / Map display / Antialiasing

    menu. What is it for? I attached two screenshots about it.

    Maybe if I change settings here, than my laptop do not warmer so fast?

    Anticipated thanks for your answer. Have a nice evening!


    Lacidd23 :):saint:

  • Normally, it should be something that blurs the edges of graphics... like:

    This without antialiasing A.jpg

    and this is with antialiasing: B.jpg

    but, why RN should put this ON TOP of the ALREADY over-stuffed graphics is really a mystery to me.... :|