My laptop heats up very quickly! I look your advice. Thank you

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  • Hello dear Admin,

    I have a laptop with average configuration. When I play on the PTR3 server,
    my notebook heats up particularly in minutes, and I forced to stop it...
    This time on my laptop does not work other software than those required
    for the Windows 10 and Google Chrome. I wrote here about this problem
    a few weeks ago but I did not get concrete answers.

    On PTR1, PTR2 and Rail Nation live servers warming is barely noticeable,
    even if this time I listening to mp3 music or I have started Mozilla Firefox
    too... Samisu wrote a post with some tips on Rail Nation Forum about this,
    tips that I respect it.

    Now I look your advice. Thank you.


    Lacidd23 :):saint:

  • Hei Lacidd23

    That is weird, thank you for the information!

    I'll talk to our devs, which additional informations from you could help us to find the cause for this issue.

    Could you send me the link to your first post about this issue? I can't find it :/