Using PTR from App on Android

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  • Is it it possible to use the PTR servers from other than the desktop websites? Is there a separate app for the PTR servers? Or, how do I get to the PTR servers from the app?

  • Hei smmenci

    At the moment there is no mobile App for PTR.

    It's a bit complicated, because the Appstore does not allow to have the Live Rail Nation App on your device AND another Rail Nation App like for PTR.

    We're planning to give a PTR app to a few volunteer players when we start testing the mobile HTML5 version.

    If you like, I could add you to our list with players who wants to test the mobile HTML5 app on PTR.

    The problem: like mentioned above, you can't have the live Rail Nation App on the same time on your mobile device, if you have the PTR app.