Game hanging, can't close city screen, total disaster during EG

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  • Trying to play the end game. Every time I open the city window to see status, I cannot close it and have to refresh the game.

    If I hover over the city to see status, afterward I can not move the map. I can zoom in and out, but not in any direction. I have to refresh the game.

    Periodically, while doing nothing, everything just stops, and I have to refresh the game.

    If others are having these issues, this will set a new record for longest end game.

  • Hello Dear Admin,

    I have the same problems, like smmenci.

    The system I did not even let me set my trains to transport
    last night`s offline goods, which I finished, to carry online
    goods present now in Endgame ...

    So we can not even test the game and the server ...

    Please, fix these serious issue! Thank you.

    Have a nice day!


    Lacidd23 :)

    PS.: I look so much like server PTR3 be moved on Docker....! :love:

  • It's the Berezina!, you have taked the poors Indian developpeurs of boeing with no work?

    I have a lot of books of formation for amiga 500, or amstrad cpc and mac classic.

    with a little information of algebre of boole it's would be cool

    I understand teletravail is not a work, but an occupation (sinecure in latin).

    no rancune the time is not to erase the bug's all animals (virtuals also) can have a good life.

  • Well into 2nd day of EG, and no response whatsoever to all these problems. I hope if anyone spent any real money on gold for this round they demand their money back.

    As to Samand's comment above, I think it is more like trying to swim the 400 meter butterfly with swim fins made of concrete.

  • Well, now into Day 3 of End Game. Lead team barely more than halfway. Still having to refresh game everytime you do anything with city screen among other things. What a useless EG experience.

  • The more difficult end of game in seven years, some of our Russian player had let down for the final, damage win was possible, Russian gamers are very serious, win or not they play..

    C'est la plus difficile finale que j'ai jouée en 7 ans, rien ne marche bien, ça plante sans arrêt, certaines fonctions n'éxistent pas, même le démarrage est laborieux, quand ça démarre parfois faut relancer 2 ou 3 fois.

  • Hello together!

    Thank you for your reports.

    I added the bugs to our list for this version.

    Like announced here: PTR 3 SWITCH - Switch back to previous HTML5 for a performance comparison test - Today, 07.04. (15:30 UTC / 17:30 UTC+2)

    PTR3 was switchted back to an older HTML5 version for some performance tests.

    Because of this, the version unfortunately contains errors from 3-4 months ago, which are already fixed in a newer version.