Two + two new bugs after this afternoons updating on PTR3 server

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  • Good evening dear Admin,

    After this afternoons updating I noticed the following mistakes on PTR3 server:

    1:I have an active Plus Account for five days and couple hours, however the system
    does not repair suddenly all my locomotives, but separately 4-5 pieces. So I had
    to repeat this operation two more times. Money I have been taking also separately
    for my account.

    2:I can not read my messages on the News window because the window appears
    with error. I tried several times, but so appears, as shown in the attached screenshot.

    Please fix these bugs. Thank you.

    I wish you a wonderful evening!


    Lacidd23 :)

  • When you check "service all locomotives" only the locomotive at the top of the list gets a check, but when you click the bottom to service,all of the locomotives are services, not just the one that was "selected".

  • You can not pick the same genus locomotives. You can not do maintenance simultaneously on all locomotives.

    Not only that, you cannot assign schedules to all locomotives when you have a Plus account.

  • Hello dear Admin,

    Today I noticed two new system mistakes on PTR3 server. Namely:

    3:I can not change schedules for all trains at once, though I actively Account Plus.

    4:In the system message appears to me that I won the 1500 prestigious for
    Title that I won 1st rank for the second day consecutive, but Overall ranking
    displays it only half: 500 + 250 prestige. I have attached two more screenshots.

    Please fix these two bugs too. Thank you.

    I wish you a beautiful day!


    Lacidd23 :)

  • Same here!! i cant post and read on our forum.

    When i click on a name it doesnt open any window... > i have to search the name on the ranking list then click, that way it works

    I donno what you are doing but we cant play for fun atm. Then i suggest a little reward for all these troubles and waste of time! ty

  • same problem.

    I found a solution in waiting the bug was fixed : click on the 3 little bars at the top left (reduce/expand) and the reduced bar stay on left. So we can read messages :)

  • same problem.

    I found a solution in waiting the bug was fixed : click on the 3 little bars at the top left (reduce/expand) and the reduced bar stay on left. So we can read messages :)

    Your method is not working for me, Ania TGV... :)

  • $/ton is no longer displayed in the city menu.

    Cannot do multiple schedules, repairs or upgrades of locomotives. When multiple locomotives are selected, one must mouse over each locomotive's checkbox for the green check to become visible.

  • Hello together!

    Thank you for your reports, I added the bugs to our list.

    I will close this thread now because we try to prevent bug colelction threads, because it could happen that bugs are overseen.

    If you have a bug to report, open a new thread with a meaningful title, if no thread already exists about this bug :) With a meaningful title, other players could also see on the first view, if their bug is already reported. That makes the bug report easier for everyone :)