finale 4x servers,

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  • Increasing the resources to be provided during the final part of a good feeling to give chances to the smallest cities.

    But that is forgetting the "picnic plates", people who take advantage of the bargain with 1 train or 2 no more, that's how we had 156,000 to provide 8/10 at the start that we managed to do for finish at 196000 still 8/10 real with the arrival of the picnic plates which did not help at all and which we could not supply.

    Maybe people from outside the city should not be given any research points below a minimum tonnage, that would make the dishes go away.

    Augmenter les ressources à fournir pendant la finale part d'un bon sentiment pour donner des chances aux plus petites villes.

    Mais c'est oublier les "pique assiettes" ,des gens qui profitent de l'aubaine avec 1 train ou 2 pas plus, c'est comme ça que nous avions au départ 156000 à fournir à 8/10 que nous arrivions à faire pour finir à 196000 toujours 8/10 réels avec l'arrivée des pique assiettes qui n'ont pas aidé du tout et que nous n'arrivions plus à fournir.

    Peut être faudrait ne donner aucun point de recherche en dessous d'un tonnage minimal aux gens extérieurs à la ville, ça ferait partir les pique assiettes.8)

  • Hei pemmore

    Thank you for your feedback :)

    We'll try to find a solution for this problem. But this could take a little longer because it's not so easy to find a way to make it fair for all players.

    So I sadly can't tell you, when we'll have a solution.