orange number at system messages

  • Hi,

    can someone pleas take this orange colour from the system messages and put all into one number again? I am absolutely fed up with this!

    First of, for ppl that are colour blind it is hard to see!

    Then, who wants to read system messages at all!!! I do not and am not interested in any system messages! So it is enough if it is in the overall number so that I can delete all messages by open messages and press the √ ! Best would be not to show any numbering of messages at all as I do not like any messages apart from that they are hardly readable.

    So please, take this orange blob away"



  • Hei kruemel

    You could stop raging ;)

    At the moment it is a bug that the system messages are also orange.

    That will be fixed.

    Only the private message will get the seperate indicator.



  • For your eyes only?

    I like the extra colour for personal messages. Usually my associations chairman reminds me to go back on requested goods after a competition. ^^

    Still there is no need for that warning colour. What about blue?

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