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  • If this is not an error, then we should have gold added to start new round? or that only will be able on next round? or we never will have more gold again?

  • why should this package be a failure?
    at the end of each round you can buy this benefit pack for the next round.

    Always during the end game for the new round.

    And why do you want more or additional gold?
    You can pay this 399 gold out of your received 8000 gold.

    All players who want to buy this package at the end of the round will keep a remainder of 399 from their 8000.

    You buy it now in this round and you get the benefits at the start of the new round.

  • Well, I recognize It was strange for me to see it. It's my first PTR, and was my first round after 3-4 years of not playing this game, so I couldnt remember a lot of things. when I joined we were on era4, so I tough gold was being added era to era, but then I saw it was not, now I can't afford that package.

  • no problem all well ;-)

    that's exactly why we can ask and answer here ^^

    Gold on PTR has not been available for a long time per epoch, but always 1x 8000 to start the entire round.

    the best thing ... you plan first the Plus Account , the era packages and (if you want it) this package for the next round.

    With this calculation you know quite well how much gold you can use for everything else. ;-)

  • As additional info:

    There is the starter package until 600 prestige at the beginning of a round.

    On your screenshots you see the SUPER starter package. That is another offer with which you could by you some benefits for the next round start :) And this offer appears correct at the end of the round.




    currently we have no date for the restart of PTR3. As soon as we know a date, we will announce it in the forum section 'Announcements'.