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  • All-in-all - I was pretty happy about this playing-style!

    I have been playing this game for YEARS, and one of my "problems" is that I often lose myself during the game-round.

    - I begin stone hard, but at the end of Era1 I am already a bit "tired"...

    In this super-speed version, I kept my super-tempo throughout the game. (for ONCE!)... (and I FINALY got my 3rd star! yay!!!)

    So, that was fun!

    - - -

    About the Graphics-problems, there isn't much to say... you know about the glitches and they are annoying. But, that has nothing to do with the game-idea.

    One thing I wondered was; why the ENDGAME wasn't speedy?! - ever thought of lowering the amount a city needs to haul?

    I comment on your adjustments listed, below:

    - Events: The duration of all events like strikes has been shortened (2-4 hours)

    • I didn't have ONE strike during the whole game! - that would be a good first step!) :)

    - The duration of city competitions has been increased to 120 minutes again

    •They were mighty quick, yes. -but, maybe that's what would set this game-style apart....

    - The maximum limit for research points has been lowered to 100 and the generation speed has been reduced slightly

    •Yes, this was needed. I was done with ALL my engines even before the EG started! lol!

    - The multiplier for the train age has been reduced to 3.5

    •Yes, although I didn't mind; the Olymps seemed to have no ageing at all.

    •Even if it was mighty fun; I think that you should refine the competitions rate somewhat. (a bit less competitions, all in all).

    • Restart with Flash-version? - why??

    That you set it to Flash during carneval - so that you have SOME peace of mind is absolutely fine... but, always??

  • Hei Andrea Doria

    Thanks for your detailed feedback!

    I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it and you like the changes. :)

    The competitions were a little broken in the last round, so you got much more than was actually intended.

    This should be fixed with this new round :)

    And Flash: The 4xSpeed gameworlds starts next week live and we don't want to use a version (HTML5) on it, which is not yet on all live game worlds. Since the live 4xSpeed servers will still start with Flash, the PTR test must also be done on Flash.



  • As Andrea Doria says, it's amaizing to play in 4x, and it makes me back to play it. Just wondering when I will be able to play it on my ROG Phone II.

    I have found just like Andrea says, glitches on graphics, like after a couple of hours playing some trains become other color, or take flags colors, or trains which dissapear after a couple of "afk" minutes/hours.

    I would like to suggest that to fix some screens inside screens, I mean, Some times I double-click association button, or any other, and it opens twice, then I close them and when try to open again the button is pressed like if already open, but nothing(I can't reproduce it right now) maybe it's a cache issue, or internet problem.

  • If you run in flash, you must change the system of vidéo , when you are playing in flash, you must playing in full screen, or the game lag a max, and when you open a video (the vidéo is good at the beginning of the game, after its mac'duck, lol!), the video make falling down in low screen and you must return to the map, clic on fullscreen and return to the railway, it's too much time and nobody read the vidéo, we have not the time playing on several serveurs with this bug.

    This bug had beginning with the first vidéo.

    At the beginning off the game we have a similar bug, it's lag very much (normal) and you wait for open the fullscreen, please don't make anything before the game is not open, make all pop'ups after openning the game.