Client requieres new version

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  • ich kann das spiel nicht starten

    werde aufgefordert die neue version über die rn-lobby zu installieren

    finde auf der rn-lobby aber keinerlei info zu cash race

  • The game will not load up or run on my notebook. It worked okay when I first downloaded it yesterday, but now when I try to run the the game (after installing the update) it just locks up my browser and the game will not load up.

    My poor little Swallows will be flying very slowly by now......!

  • Have now downloaded and installed the latest update that allows me to modify, repair or delete the program. When I double click on the icon, it appears to load the game, but all I get is the running icon in the Windows toolbar and the program music.

    I cannot maximise the icon so that I can see the game.

    I have nothing else running on my notebook.

    I have tried running the game as administrator and also tried running the game with a higher performance graphics setting and still get nothing.

    Its a shame really as first impressions were good. At the moment please rename it to be Rail Nation C(r)ash Game 3D... :(

  • I tried the game on my iMac.

    It's a nice idea. (albeit, almost rediculous copied from sid meyers railroad). 8o

    But, if a game like this hogs my quadcore i5 to the extent that I can't do ANYTHING else on my computer... there must be something wrong!

    - as long as the app is open, my computer is BLOCKED! When I quit the app - al fine.

    I think that you have to get to the ground with some graphical issues .... here in this app - and hopefully, also in the WEB game.

    (How can it be that other games - EXTREMELY much more complicated, manage to load and play... but your "simple game" doesn't)??

    It could be that because I'm on MacOS - things aren't as easy/fluent as on PC... but - hey: this was ridiculous!

    Nachsitzen! X/

  • A fix for that is coming up with the next version. Currently the game takes as much resources at it gets to get as many FPS as possible. The next version will limit the FPS to 60 when in focus and to 6 when out of focus.

  • Hallo zusammen!
    Ich hab eure Posts mal aus dem Ankündigungen Bereich in den Bug Bereich verschoben :)

    Hello everybody!

    I moved your posts from the announcements section to the bug section :)

  • ?!?!?!?!

    60 FPS ???!?! =O:huh::huh::huh: this a bad joke, or what?!?!

    I hope you are aware that we are not playing a shooter-game -latest standard- where the game-experience is depending quite a bit on the high FPS.

    no, 30FPS would do MASSIVELY well, I think! - save the horsepowers for OTHER things!

    - - -

    One of the few reasons that I can't really play this on an "older device" - speak... more than 3 years old.

    That's why I often repeat myself saying: hey it's an ONLINE-GAME, no?

    (Ok, now - this new version would be a Disc-Based game... but, nevertheless...)

  • Frames per Second

    Frame rate is the capture or playback rate of the frames that make up a movie. ... The frame rate is measured in hertz (Hz), in progressive scan monitors, or expressed in terms of frames per second (fps).

  • For YEARS, the standard framerates that were considered were those for TV: 24,? or 25 FPS. (I think that's something like US vs. EU norms, or something).

    Did you EVER think, as a child, that the flow of the films you looked at were blurry, or sluggish???