Messages unreadable

  • Hello!

    I just checked it with kruemels account and the messages were displayed correct :/


    For me it only looks like on your screen shot, maximum a seconde after I opened the messenger, but then the messages sorting correct.

    Does it still looks like this, if you wait a few secondes?



  • same is with me too Pia_BF. while loading messages screen is distorted but after complete loading all messages screen becomes readable. beside that I found some problems with chat settings and setting generally. in matter of fact they don't exists at all especially for main chat because I don't need all chat languages but only English but I can't see any options there at all. next, when I open my Station screen I can't see corporation shield at first until I check other members and come back to my station again.

  • yes, but not all the time. only while loading and then when you list them all they become readable. and there is one more problem. last message is still hidden most of time until next one becomes. also I forgot that those other problems I have are all on ptr2 too as these.