Performance since update 23/1/19

  • HiPerformance since update and roll forward is "underwordly" to say the least... 1 click per minue and then it does not even take the click but about 1-2 cm further to the right..

    Best Kruemel

  • well you made an express upgrade... mmm not much to say, its quite the same, display is still awful and slow... what are you doing? now its friday... so we carrying that for the eg... ty ^^ maybe we could squeeze eg :))

  • Dear RN-Team.

    I just tried to play on PTR3, and I had to realize that the server is rather unplayable, at the moment. Again. =O

    - I tried to, somehow, figure out what the heck is going on.... why are you doing this?

    If you are trying to decimate the players -not paying for the game- (only playing PTR), ...well - I could understand, but-is this really a wise choice?

    If you are ignoring the status of the running performance, since this is "only" PTR... ?? -is this really a smart way to go?

    If you have no clue what the hell is going on... code-wise...?? -maybe you should organize the development somewhat better?? (-not update ALL things at once, but go small steps, one-by-one, until this area works perfect... -Well, maybe that is what you are doing... and, at the moment you are tampering with the graphics, which unfortunately are very visual to see).

    At the moment, the PTR3 server more or less behaves like if someone, that has no real appropriate knowledge in HTML-Coding, tried to COPY your game and put it up for anyone's use... It's just a big bloody MESS !

    I am SURE that you do your best, and you try to make things better... but - THIS state is just absurd!

    (some weeks ago, it was also very bad - but then it was because it was so slow....).

    Now, the graphics are just ALL OVER THE PLACE - except where/how they should be!

    Pretty darn annoying, to say the least.

    The PTR-players have been exceptionally calm and patient the last rounds.... but I sincerely hope that we will get more peaceful playing in upcoming weeks...

    I send you all my best wishes!! :thumbsup:


  • Performance missing!

    - unreadable lists in EG town

    - breakdown/expulsion every 3 - 5 mins

    - login lasts min 1 min

    ... and please don't tell me to clear the cache - I'm doing 10 x /day or more, even restarting my PC doesn't help

  • also fehler die ich und meine jungs feststellen

    1 wartung muss 2 mal gemacht werden

    2 das parken klappt auch nicht

    3 bei drei klicks gerade im endspiel steht plötzlich alles

  • Hello together.

    To solve the problems it would be good to know, what excatly are the problems.

    We already found the issue, that the city tooltip freezes the game in the endgame. If there are also other options that freezes the game, where you are sure you don't just hovered by accident over the city, please let us know.

    Wich list in the endgame city isn't readable? Already deliviered? Or not yet requested?



  • i log in, 30 sec the game is frozen... and on and on and on... so if you want us to play, be sure to set a stable version. be correct with people...

  • ...sometimes I have the same... it's rather irregular.

    First I thought it was when I am in the game for a long time. Not the case (regularly).

    - then I thought it was when I tampered a lot with my engines... Not the case.

    - -

    For sure - to get rid of it, you have to LOg OUT from PTR3. Preferably log into another server, and come back into PTR3.

    - at least this resolves MY freezes.

    (If I only make ReLoad of the game, the freezes remain!!)