No more cars?

  • Hello. I bought cars on a thread, but the system informs me that I need more cars. Although 59 cars are free, what is wrong?

    P.S. I had to sell the cars and buy them through the route selection menu.

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  • Hei AD70

    Welcome to our PTR Forum! :)

    We have had the error in the system for some time now and unfortunately we have not been able to reproduce and fix it.

    Could you perhaps give me some information about it?

    How had you bought the wagons before? Using the schedule with other trains? Or had you previously purchased the wagons via the wagon list that you can open via the train list? Had you used coupons or money to buy them?



  • Hi!

    Usually i bought the wagons from shedule for specific touts. But this one i bought wagons from wagons list. Used money. And there wagons were not available for the route.

  • Hei!

    Than you for the answer.

    I will add this information to our bug and we'll see, if we could reproduce it :)



  • I have purchased locomotives three (3) times now with researched upgrades, but when I try and set the schedules there are no upgrades installed. I have to spend money and use vouchers to manually install the upgrades. I noticed this first when the number of cars purchased didn't match what it should be for that locomotive with upgrades. This is on PTR 3.

  • Hei VonKiska

    Thank you for the report.

    We had the bug, that you couldn't by trains with upgrades.

    This should be fixed with the update today :)