No Login possible

  • I cant log in, bar goes to 50% and that´s it. Win 10, chrome.

    And even don´t remember to log out, or not. But now it all jammed.

  • Hei R2D2

    Welcome to our PTR Forum :)

    I just moved your post in a better fitting area.

    Does the problem still occurs? And on wich PTR Server do you try to log in?



  • Okay, about hour ago i managed to log in, but with Edge browser. Chrome worded 2-3 days. Same thing with normal server, have use Edge, otherwise nothing works.

  • Okay, I will jump into your account and take a look on it, maybe I could find the problem.

    So did you find any issues, or is it just me? OT btw, travian works fine with Chrome. Only Rail Nation bugs me...

  • I could login with your account on chrome.

    But it was also very very slow for me, slower than with my own account.

    I got some smaller error from the console and one of our devs will take a look on it. But it was not THAT ONE CLEAR BUG sadly. We'll see.