Loading multiple game sessions

  • Good evening,

    It seems that it is still impossible to load 2 sessions of the new version without <Flash player> in parallel.

    Example: If I launch in the same browser PTR1 and another session PTR3, it is necessary to wait until the loading of PTR1 is completely finished before switching on the other session PTR3, otherwise PTR1 never load.

    This problem did not exist on older versions.

    Is this fix taken into account or will it get used to loading one session at a time :)

    thank you for your reply

  • Hei Jon Doe

    One question about: Does it only happens if you load two game worlds at the same time, or also if you load one gameworld but then switch to another browser tab while the gameworld is loading? :/



  • Hello

    This happens when you load multiple game modes at the same time in a single session.

    For the game to load completely, keep the focus on the tab.


    I load PTR2 first, then PTR1 and PTR3

    If I stay on the tab PTR2, PTR1 and PTR3 does not load completely (about 50% then the progress bar is blocked)

    If I turn on the PTR1 tab, loading resumes, but not on PTR3

    You have to view the PTR3 tab to finish loading PTR3.

    By cons, if I load PTR1 first, then PTR2, if I'm on the PTR1 tab, PTR2 is normally loaded in the background

    The problem only concerns servers that are no longer in "Flash"

    Am I clear?

    Thank you and good day