Winter Event does not work (normally) on PTR3 server

  • Good evening dear Admin,

    Winter Event operating normally on PTR2 server: I already raised 3 upgrades to buildings at the Station in Daily quests today.

    Instead Winter Event does not work (normally) on PTR3 server: although we upgraded here 3 buildings of the Station, the system did not notice this. I logged out and I logged back several times on the server but not changed anything.

    Please fix this bug. Thank you in advance.

    Have a wonderful evening!


    Lacidd23 :)

  • Ptr 3 is on the fritz winter event is turning into Home Alone ! one disasterous event after the other the lights fell off the tree the sleigh could'nt stop Santa's arm is in a sling 2 reindeer had to be put down things are looking rather shoddy Help fix button asap TY The things being accomplished are not being counted how many is 3 well I have surpassed that mark several times over

  • Hi everyone,

    there has been a compensation for yesterday's quest reward as mentioned under announcements. :)

    Today's and the following day's quests should be fixed now.

    Regarding the bug that shows a different item from what is actually requested. I noted that down already.

    Concenrning the videos I am currently investigating. That being said, there has been a change that now "forces" you to allow cookies before you're able to watch videos, for the problem that this pop up is not showing up I'm still looking for a solution.

    Kind Regards,


  • So just to add insult to injury when you redeem the Winter Market 102 winter coin reward after 8 hours they are redeemed into a place called oblivion they disappear and are not to be found or recouped in any shape or form ! So that does'nt work either Day 1 compensation is where ? and can't we just find presents and get a Ho Ho Ho for our due diligence

  • As pointed out by a vast amount of people the glitches and bugs in PTR Winter Event are numerous the most glaring one is where does the 102 winter coins from the winter market what happens to these coins or do l have it wrong. Also the vidiots they are tragic you might get the first one to play but the one that gives you the Special Bonus is truly special I have had nothing but nothing from them and who knows what I have missed but trying ten to fifteen times to reload cancel and replay stop jump skip hop bounce or punch is a no go. So frustrating the vids are tedium personified as it is but to rarely have the special reward one play is extra fun l really think l might be going mental because of it ! If l am found certifiable you will hear my imaginary lawyers that l have in my head telling me to go for it on fourth n long ! Firstly though winter coins from the market what where why how and when !

  • Hello together,

    we will collect all Winter Event Bugs for HTML5 and save them for the next time, thank you :)