• good afternoon.

    it may be true that the videos do not work.

    get a message that I have to deactivate my ad blocker.

    but at the live game of RN I can just watch the videos.

    now it works in the PTR version.

    Kind regards

    Rai Road Buddy

  • Hi RailRoadBuddy ,

    I got informed that there has been a switch added for which you now have to allow cookies to watch videos. However, this only concerns the PTR servers so far.

    If you have any further questions don't hesistate to hit me up.

    Kind Regards,


  • Hello Mollymauk

    unfortunately there is no switch to accept cookies when I log in for the PTR3 servers.

    so unfortunately not yet possible to watch videos.

    Kinds Regards,


  • Hello,

    I have the same problem on PTR 3 and PTR 2.

    Sometimes it works but not frequently. I tried with Chrome, Edge and Avast secure browser : it's the same.

    Best regards


  • I logged into your account and had no problems watching videos.

    Is it possible that you're using a script or ad blocker? Could you maybe help us gather information on this topic by sharing your har data with us?
    For that you have to go to your browser settings > developer tools > network > if the point in the left corner is red it's recording > now leave this window open while you try to watch videos > when you're done do a right-click and choose "Save as HAR with content" and share it with us, maybe we can figure out what's it that's blocking your videos?

    Kind Regards,


  • Dear MollyMouk

    I do not use a script or ad blocker. I accept cookies.

    I would like to help you, but as you describe, unfortunately I cannot help you.

    When I go to browser settings, I don't see the developer tools button anywhere. so it is impossible for me to comply with this request.

    I am not such a computer freak.

    But I think it is strange that in the live version of RN the videos can be seen as well, for me it is still the same settings.

    I am active on live servers on the NL201Euromast, NL02-Kolenkast, NL01 Com302 The Alps steam boiler and on M19 Allstars Final.

    Kind regards.

    Railroad buddy

  • I see that some people can play videos

    So then they play all the videos from the winter market and collect all the bonuses

    That is not fair, as I know if there are 25 members in the asso, soon to bring in 25 winter points, we are not talking about the elements, sled, bag, glove, etc.

    Can you reimburse us for this ???

  • Un séjour sans faille

    Vite dit!!! qui c'est t'y qui a écrit ça???

    Bonjour, ou plutôt bonsoir!

    J 'ai vérifié tous mes navigateurs, chrome, internet explorer, firefox, dans aucun il ne se trouve de blocage de pop up !!!

    Donc comme je joue en attendant que la campagne de fr03 redébute, je ne m'inquiète guère! Mais ce serait tellement plus agréable de voir les vidéos!!! Merci de me srtir de ce mauvaispas!!!

  • Un séjour sans faille

    rénvoyé n'est pas le mot exact!! je veux pas me faire foutre à la porte!! ça m'est trop arrivé quand j'étais môme à l'école!!! le mot plus juste serait : dégagé Merci

  • Given that no videos can be watched, it is not possible to win that winter event. If I was the only one with a complaint about these videos I can understand, it may be my institutions' fault.

    But given the many responses from the Vedeos, it is not my institutions.

    I would have expected something different here, too bad.

    Now I don't like it

  • I too cannot watch any videos. I can watch them ok on other servers. I have ad blockers turned off and site is trusted. The strange thing is the videos worked up until about 4 days ago.