ptr 2 asso disappeared

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  • Hi everyone,

    our association with space for 21 members disappeared as soon as winter was on... also name: just us in midland



  • Hello dear Admin,

    Disappeared an association on PTR2 server during the game. I applied for membership in this association, and later when I wanted to look if I was accepted, this association was not anywhere to be found. Simply disappeared!

    I took a picture of the application.

    Please check and repair it. Thank you.


    Lacidd23 :)

  • Hi all,

    It's same for us in Denver for 23 members preregistered

    And in addition there is a delay to join it again too

    Thank's to roll back

    Have a good day

  • yesterday i was in my association at 18.45 hour

    was away between 18.45 and 21.30 hour

    and then i was out of my association. my chair Cowboysimon also.

    what happend in that time ?

  • Hello together!

    I merged the threads about the association problem into one.

    The bug was caused by a short update for the winter event yesterday evening. Our Devs will check it out right away.

    Probably you'll have to join your own association as soon as the 24 hour ban is over.

    I have added you a few central donation vouchers.



  • Hello,

    We still can not come back to our associations

    The time of 24 hours seems to have passed that we come to apply

    By cons players in the association have a message "php error" when accepting the application.

    Normal ??

    Thank you and good day

  • an other strange thing:

    Cowboysimon and i are out of the same assocition (the Smurfs)

    it looks we are single, but our invests in factories are counted as one under associations

  • which now stops me to get into our association for 24 hours...

    we all preregistered in Just Us Again and it worked until winter came on... since then most of us got thrown out.. we even already donated to hq... me as chair and pereira as deputy for example but also several others

    so founding a new asso is no help when we all were supposed to be in an association with 21 members



  • tutti noi abbiamo preregistrato in Just Us Again e ha funzionato fino all'arrivo dell'inverno ... da allora la maggior parte di noi è stata buttata fuori .. abbiamo anche già donato a hq ... me come presidente e pereira come vice, ma anche molti altri