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  • Hei SParkling

    I checked it and got an error message with your account. So I added this issue to our system, thank you :)

    It seems to be an error with the list view station. With the graphical station the Watch other player mode seems to work.



  • ok

    there are a lot of problems on ptr3 for me and my mates, for ex the game freeze when we want to pick up bonus, not in ours but when we help the mates.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<also Axel get huge time to connect this particular server>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Hello again :)

    yes the performance issues are hard for some players.

    We are working on a huge performance improvement at the moment, but it still need some time until we could update it on PTR.

    When this is done, it would be good to know, if the performance issues still exist.



  • this server is quite impossible to play, as soon as i make a move or quite, the game is frozen. Plus yesterday i wanted to relegate a player as member : he has been setted as president! so i had to create again our team. but its a mess... so i wont play more that server. I dont need special performances just to be able to play the game!