Region-Region co-operation in SoE: a new Twin city concept

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  • hi,

    I'm wondering if some new strategy could be created around Twin citys in SoE.

    The advertised concept for Twin citys is that it promotes partnership. For the two aspects of twinning (free city connection, 20% passenger revenue bonus), here's the current reality: connect to our city for free and be able to plunder our city for transport prestige and run against us in our competitions. The passenger revenue bonus is of little consequence in comparison with the route occupancy variation in base price.

    To be honest I found pretty much zero discussion of Twin citys in the live RN forum, the only comments were around how to use(abuse?) the twinning mechanism for a single player to connect to many citys for free. It seems essentially a dead feature.

    This idea draws somewhat on the USA scenario of adding cargo RG transports to a city together at the end of day. But in this case the addition would be across players which have the city set as Home, and separately across players which have their Home set to any Twin of the city, and a separate third bucket for Others. At the end of each day the three buckets will be totalled and then subject to the following rules:

    In comparison with the sum of the 3 buckets:

    - Home < 40% then no twinning bonus

    - Twin > 40% then no twinning bonus

    - Twin > 20% then +100% twinning bonus

    - Twin > 30% then +200% twinning bonus

    The bonus to be applied to the prestige of all players who have transported cargo RG to the city.

    This bonus scheme sets up various challenges to be overcome:

    - Home players still have to control the city, but can't have the bonus if they completely dominate the city. They'll have to find a way perhaps to give out factory majority to players from a twin city, or a friendship. But then this could create more difficulty when it comes time to level the city.

    - Other players with home set to other citys in the Region have to be careful not to spoil the twinning bonus

    - Other players from other Regions and not twinned will have to decide whether to attempt to spoil the Twinning bonus or not: a question that could come down to wanting to take away Region points(through 0.5% player prestige contributions), or as the Other individual wanting the Twinning bonus for their own transports.

    I'm thinking that if the amount of the bonus and the levels at which the Twinning bonus starts to apply are chosen sufficiently carefully then there could be a whole new strategy layer where Regions have a choice to co-operate with one another.