The system did not ask schedule adjustment on the PTR1 and PTR3 servers

  • Good evening,

    Today around 17 UTC + 2 I finished Endgame on PTR2 server (USA). I raised many technology points that I bought the 16th railcar to my career train. After that, I log out and I logged in again. On PTR 2 server the system asked me automatically schedule adjusting for my career train, and I did so. Although the game was already over, Endgame the complete...

    Instead on PTR1 and PTR3 servers the system not asked me to adjusting my train career schedule. And now I have only 15 railcars instead of 16, although I logged out, I deleted cache memory, I restarted my computer, and I logged back several times. Since then I checked it every time when I logged on those servers to play the game.

    About PTR4 server I can not say anything, because there I am only on Era 1, and my career train operates only seven railcars.

    Please check and repair the fault, fix this bug.

    Thank you in advance.

    Have a nice evening!


    Lacidd23 :)

  • Hi Lacidd23,

    it exists further limitations: In era 3 you can have only 15 wagons. As soon as era 4 starts, you get your 16th wagon.



  • Thank you very much.

    Please, tell me, where I find such official information about Rail Nation games. Actually I'm interested in all the official information of Rail Nation, so I can learn easier and faster all rules of the game, without waiting for my own experience.

    Thanks a lot.

    Have fun and success! :)