• Dear PTR-Players,

    this is quite a short-term announcement, but I guess you're used to it by now.

    Today is my last day working for Rail Nation after a bit more than 2 years, and I wanted to say goodbye and express my thanks to all who helped us improving each feature and Version of Railnation during this time. My time here would have definitely been much less interesting without all of your Reports :saint:

    Please continue your good work in supporting Pia and whomever may follow after me, to help them create the best possible Version of Railnation, for many more versions to come - not to spoil the surprise, but the future will hold some very interesting changes!

    That's why I'll certainly come back to this Forum, to participate in the testing in the role of a Player - though you'll probably won't recognize me 8)

    For now, I wish you a lot of fun with the future iterations of the game, and may your Gold never run out!

    Best regards,