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  • Hi,

    In the warehouse the integration revenue gain is displayed as +NAN%.

    Looking at several examples, the integration gain can range from +12% up to +600% (integration revenue as a percentage of current base price).

    It seems as though the high percentage gains are when the stock level for the good is high, which sort of means there aren't extraordinary gains to be made.

    I can't work out if there has been some deliberate coding change here? Or if the integration premium is floating because of the NAN.


  • Hello Thom,

    thanks for the report, we'll check on the NaN.

    as for the General aspect of Integration, the calculation for that is a bit complicated, but it can indeed happen that the Bonus makes for a large percentage of the base price.

    Best regards,


  • hi Lars,

    So if the percentage is not a fixed percentage(fixed by the comparison of deliverys and pick-ups of the association), then I can't understand the point of the revenue percentage figure for the warehouse as a whole?

    When the warehouse was first introduced in Europe I specifically asked Support how the integration bonus was calculated. Its different to factorys certainly, but was still retaining the percentage revenue bonus effect. Now it definitely sounds like there has been a game mechanics change.

    If true, can you give indication as to the intention of that game mechanics change? None of my searches through blogs or on the RN forum has come up with anything about this subject.


  • AH, sorry, I misunderstood the Display and thought the % was still part of the variable, so an absolute value should have been shown, like with Factories.

    But I'm still not sure what you think has been changed specifically :/

  • Hi Lars,

    I'll try to use some different wording to clarify. Perhaps some other players have input here?

    Yes, I agree an absolute value should be shown for the revenue gain, but only if the underlying mechanics are that this absolute value is actually used to calculate the revenue gain.

    However, in your first answer there was indication that the revenue calculation is complicated.

    --"it can happen that the Bonus makes for a large percentage of the base price"

    I understand from that statement that for the same association, and at the same warehouse, there is the possibility of the Bonus being large(for one good), with the concurrent possibility that it could be small (for another good). If so then there is no percentage value which applies to all goods at the warehouse (for the association). In other words there is a percentage value for each individual good.

    I believe the integration calculation used to be very simple. At each instant, for every warehouse, for every association, an integration percentage is calculated. To calculate the Bonus for a particular good, multiply the base price for the current stock level of the good by this integration percentage. All goods used the same percentage, and that's why there is one place at the warehouse where the integration percentage is displayed - (edit) screenshot the percentage applies to all goods.

    Without further information I can only see two possibilities: the mechanics have changed, or a floating (NAN) number is being applied using the original mechanics. The former seems more likely.



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  • I'm Pretty sure the mechanics haven't been changed - at least not deliberately ^^ There was a bugfix that affected the chaining function, though, Maybe that's where it went wrong.

    I'd like to take a look at it when the NaN-problem is solved, so we can see what it actually says.

  • when i want to invest in the warehouse and want to see the effect on another good then coal i can sort this good what it want but it stays on coal