Client not choosing the shortest route.

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  • hi,

    The most obvious aspect of the two attachments is that the integrated route is quicker !!! - even with the additional 1 second wait time !!

    Here's a proposed reason:

    For a direct route from warehouse Milwaukee to Minneapolis the client is choosing the route through city-grain-cattle-leather-wires....

    wh_direct_route_timing - warehouse round-trip travel time 2:57

    But for an integrated route where I insert a stop at tools, the client necessarily has to choose city-coal-tools-pipes-wires on the return journey...

    wh_integrated_route - warehouse round-trip travel time 2:55 (2 seconds less)

    So one explanation could be that the track route city-coal-tools-pipes-wires is shorter than city-grain-cattle-leather-wires.

    If so, why didn't the client choose city-coal-tools-pipes-wires for the direct route to the warehouse?


  • Hello Thom,

    I'd say if the Overall times are actually about the same, it can happen that the schedule mode chooses it at random, but you're right, the integrated route without Integration should be the shortest Option.

    Did you Maybe lay one of the tracks of the dhorter route before trying to use it? when the Train is already on a schedule, it might not recognize the new shortest route.

    Or are your Trains boosted? We found an issue with that on longer tracks.

    Did you Maybe check if the time they needed for the routes was actually what the schedule mode displayed?

  • hi Lars,

    All of those tracks have been laid for many days.

    The trains weren't boosted.

    I didn't stopwatch the trains moving on the routes: the difference is only of the order of 2seconds for the two different routes, so wouldn't give any confirmation one way or the other since I'd say a stopwatch timing probably isn't accurate to less than 5 seconds.

    Are the routes calculated separately by the client and the server? Or does the server do it all?


  • I think the Client does some calculations as well, but I'm not entirely sure.

    But my main Point is that the Shorter route should in any case be quicker without the additional waiting time of a further Station. So the numbers don't add up for me.

  • I agree the numbers don't add up. There's a problem: the shorter route city-coal-tools-pipes-wires wasn't chosen for the direct schedule.

  • Okay, I've checked it for a while, and it's really weird - the Train drive the Shorter route on the way to the Warehouse, but the longer one on the way to the City.

    But since the calculator only takes the marked route into consideration, the displayed schedule time is a bit too high.

    I'll send this to the Devs and hope it's just an issue with some tracks, not a General error in the Schedule System - because that would be extremely difficult to fix.

  • I'll send this to the Devs and hope it's just an issue with some tracks, not a General error in the Schedule System - because that would be extremely difficult to fix.

    But it happens quite often. And it's a very old feature.

  • Good to know :saint: I only heard of it for very specific cases.

    Bu that probably means it's a more General error, which isn't good ?(