Rapid factory growth during overtime

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  • hi,

    The factory tendency at Minneapolis NE is shown as +68%.

    The occupancy is shown as 46%. Now calculate the effective occupancy last hour: add another 20% because of capacity growth, then double it because of moonlight, so actual occpancy to be used in the calculation is around 130%. That should give growth tendency of 16% on express.

    This isn't endgame, so investment clicks aren't all that many. I think the ones before recalc don't count in the displayed tendency? So it's just my invests this hour (2) for another +0.8%.

    It's well short of the +68%.

    Further evidence comes from the transports. We're now only two hours after people started running sheet metal. Total transports of 10,500 tons. The capacity is 4000 tons, it's not even enough for 50% growth when delivered in a single hour on Express. It was delivered over two hours, so the growth should be even less than that. But the factory is level 2 and 63% - thats 160% growth.

    I've attached pictures of two other sheet metal factorys which grew significantly last hour.


  • Hello Thom,

    so you think the other factors are too low for 68% growth? The way I understand it, the Overtime-Event just sets the tendency to a certain (maybe minimum) value, regardless of the other factors.

    Or did I missunderstand your Problem?

  • hi,

    Yes to the first question.

    The way I understand overtime is that it sets the occupancy rate assuming that the factory capacity is double what it actually is. This means that the occupancy based portion of the waiting time will be reduced.*

    This reduction in that portion of the wait time allows you to do more transports in the hour, and therefore you certainly will have some increased growth tendency(all other things equal). But I'm assuming that the growth tendency is meant to be based on normal growth tendency rules. If it isn't I'd certainly like to know what the growth tendency rules are in this case - my web searches turned up a blank on this.

    Here's a screenshot of over 100% growth tendency.

    For those citys lucky enough to have an RG arrive near the start of the overtime there's a disproportionate factory growth bonus(along with associated investment prestige gain).

    *contrast with strike which sets the occupancy rate based on half capacity: occupancy is doubled; growth tendency is always zero. I think the growth tendency has to be zero to avoid difficulties in the case of strike and people running from near 0% occupancy having to set too few schedules for maximum growth. Or its just set to zero to make the strike sufficiently painful.