Stucked between invite and apply for asso

  • Its actual a old problem still giving problems on ptr2:

    If a player have both a invite and had applied for (the same) asso, he will get in trouble if he or the chair use the "wrong" invite/apply

    He will get in ok, but then he will start to receive messages telling he is leaving the asso...and his invest will not count in the majorities (he will count as "without asso").

    If he then leave the asso for re-enter, he has to wait 24 hours ... but when he then re-enter the problem is solved.

    maybe also check what is happening when deleting the unused invite for players already a part of the asso.

  • Hei Justlooking

    we had hoped that with HTML5 we finally got all the spots where you could have double invitation and application... Can you perhaps find out which slot in the game was used to send the invitation and application, and in what order in this case?



  • Can't say exactly

    it has happened for us two times. two weeks ago when i joined the (now former) ESP asso

    and 2 days ago for wiz1368 when he tried to join "Just us again" .

    Edit: And, btw, it must be a backend error.....