landmark connected players on PTR1 html5 version

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  • If I want to find out which players are connected to a landmark on the PTR1 SoE html5 version, I can't do it easily. If I click on the landmark button which shows connected player, the list is actually a list of players connected to the associated city (I verified this for a particular players tracks).

    I'm not sure if this is a bug, since I'm not playing a live Europe server at the moment.

    If players connected to landmark is a useful game function then really requires a fix, otherwise removal of button from the landmark I'd say.


  • Hello Thom,

    thanks for the report, but this is actually how it's supposed to be - as the Tooltip says as well. The reason for that is that the amount of goods required by the Landmark is determined by the number of Players in the City, not the Landmark itself.

    Best regards,