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  • Just a technical question , is the ptr3 run under html or with the plug-in flash?

    If ptr3 is running in html, why firefox ask to have the plug-in flash?

    The last update of firefox had délète the plug-in flash door open for trojans and viruses, and made more slowly the pc,

  • Hello pemmore,

    since yesterday, around noon, the Server has been switched to HTML5 - Maybe you Need to refresh the browser, if haven't done so since then ^^

    So any Flash-related issues shouldn't relly afffect the game anymore, regardlesss of the browser. Where exactly does Firefox Mention it for you? I just checked and couldn't find anything alarming.

    Best regards,


  • it really sucks and im polite : you didnt tell us when you opened it...

    i have a bug : i settle my team but it says the name is not free, whenever our teams name doesnt appear anywhere...

    weird, isntit?

    its a loss for us.

  • Hey Sparkling,

    seems like something went wrong during the Server Setup, ans there's still old Data left in the Background. I can ask About it, but it probably won't be fixed all that quickly.

    And sorry About the lack of an Announcement. We're a Little busy Right now, but still wanted to start a Classic round as HTML5, so the start was rather spontaneous.