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  • I cashed in several lottery tickets, on 3 of them the prize was supposed to be 3 research points, in each case I only received 2 RPs (6 total instead of 9)

  • Hello curves,

    thanks for the report, it seems we finally found the root of this Problem.

    But to be clear, you didn't get less Points, the ticket just shows too much of them.

    Best regards,


  • It depends on your Lottery-Level: You get either the number of Points equal to that level or, at lvl 4 and 5, might get twice that much.

  • ok, but my lottery was level 3 when I won the research points. If it matters I had won the tickets during levels 1 & 2, but I didn't scratch them. I specifically saved them until my lottery level was higher so I could get a better prize.

  • Oh, right; that might have been another Bug that was connected to the first one: After doing any action on the station screen, the Lottery was shown as one Level higher if you were close to actually reach the next Level, and Lottery wins were shown accordingly.

    You don't by Chance remember how much Prestige you had? :saint: