megacity tons counts

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  • On PTR4, maybe I can't count, but I just can't explain this:

    The tonnage target for Frankehof is 132,000tons.

    The total deliveries of boards by the only two associations who delivered is 110,568+12,432=123,000

    Look carefully at those two numbers, the delivered figure is 9,000 less than the target, but yet the good is shown as completed.

    Even if the consumption were zero we couldn't have done it.

    Every player connected to Frankehof is in an association. So unless someone delivered and then subsequently joined an association (unlikely, and is that even possible during the EndGame?, and would their accounting go into the association in any case? someone changed association?), the numbers just don't add up.

    Sheet metal has just 'finished' at Frankehof,

    110516+8775+8092+1392 = 128775

    Also short of the 132,000 tons target.

    Third example is coal at Sult, but then every other finished good(so far), at Frankehof and other citys(there aren't so very many finished goods on PTR4 :-( ), obeys tons delivered > target.


  • Every 15 MInutes is a reduction in every town and in every Megatown.

    That doesn't count for the players but for the amount in the town.

  • hi,

    That's correct, the consumption affects only the town amount.

    The individual counts of tons delivered by players are unaffected(and therefore the association totals are unaffected also). Therefore the sum of the amounts delivered by players(as calculated by adding the association totals) should always add up to more than the target amount as far as I understand it.

    But the sum doesn't for the screenshot examples.

  • Hm, unfortunately, I can't really look up the data for those goods anymore ?( Every good I could see looked okay.

    It is possible to join an Association in Endgame (you can't leave one), but I agree that it would hardly explain that gap in numbers :/