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  • hi, I understand that even in the final game there is someone who still needs Research Points, but for those who have completed all the researches he finds himself with 80 pt firm without possibility of use. It could not be established that every 160 pt (80x2) yes will it have a track?



  • Hello X2NE,

    thank you for the Suggestion. We regularly consider how to make use of unused RPs, but haven't found a satisfactory solution yet. I'll add your Point to our list, so it can be discussed.

    Best ragrds,


  • Perhaps in final RPs could be used to speed up a section of track by 25 - 50% for 1 hour either for association or individal. You could limit it to only 3 - 5 sections at one time. Maybe donate RP's to city and mayor / council would decided on which sections to speed up.