train order for Adopt schedule

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  • hi,

    The task here is to put train setA to schedule1, train setB to schedule2, and to have the trains in setA appear in order in the main train list, and the same for setB (eg setA delivers one RG, setB another RG; or setA runs comp in one city, and setB in another city). [English copy of Saturnin's "Sortierung Zugliste auf PTR3" - my translation skills limited to C&P into translator :( ]

    The problem on PTR4 is that trains in the Adopt Schedule screen are ordered (* 99% of the time) in terms of increasing profit over the last hour (not to be confused with predicted profit for the current schedule). This will not match the ordering of trains in the train list unless that sort order is chosen there also.

    Example screenshots: 1. train list sorted by profit in last hour, 2. edit Career schedule and adopt to adjacent trains, 3. observe adjacent trains rescheduling; 4th image is an easier to view compilation.

    PTR1 looks like it does NOT have the problem.

    A workaround is to Edit and save the schedule then use Copy Schedule to your target train set. But that's going to run into some timing trouble in the case of running competitions.

    Note that Copy Schedule (like the main train list) has a sort button on it. The selected sort option in Copy Schedule looks like it is inherited from the main train list. All good there!


    * the remaining 1%, or possibly more if you're changing schedules around or have very long schedules, are most likely due to schedule changeovers and transient re-orderings. When the train list is sorted by profit changes occur in the background as the train list updates - do you really want to sort by profit in the last hour!! I had to do a complete second set of screenshots - the Bull shifted position on me in the first set.


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  • Hello Thom,

    sorry, but I don't think I understand the Problem :/ Based on your description, you'd say the adopting-list should Always have the same order as the trainlist?

    But at least your screenshots look like that's the case, if I'm not missing something.

  • hi,

    The key point of the screenshot was that I sorted the train list by increasing profit before doing the Adopt.

    If you don't do that then the 2 lists(train list and Adopt list) become out of order relative to each other , and you'll end up with non-contiguous trains selected when you return to the train list.

    It is v. confusing, hope I got it right.


  • ah, so your screens showed the Workaround, not the Problem? ^^

    But still, in the end you'd like those 2 lists to be the same?

    I can make an entry for that.

  • This looks to be fixed in the current PTR1 version.

    The adopt schedule list ordering now matches the current ordering in the engine list - I tried several different ordering of the engine list.