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  • hi,

    In general it's working v.nicely:). But some problems I can see in the Citys widget on PTR4:

    1. there's a sort by region option, no regions in Classic

    2 ordering by city connection - looks like its just an alphabetic sort with the home city at top, certainly I connected Muhlaip before Elmendorf, so it isn't representing the order I connected citys. A useless sort option anyways?

    3 if I choose sort by overall progress, then relogin, the initial ordering of the citys is not correct for overall progress, it's only when I refresh the widget that the the correct sort by progress is achieved.

    4*. Suggestion: when you hover over a stock bar a small text box "stock" hovers, and if you click the stock bar then the city is opened and it takes you straight to the transport ranking for that particular good. Perhaps change "stock" to "-> wood ranking" etc. to indicate more clearly what will happen on a click? It took me a while to understand that the individual stock bars were separate graphic elements.

    5. Suggestion - when clicking through the stock bars of a single city, both the transports section AND the city screen are closed (happens for non-centered windows, and very similarly for centered windows option). Would it be possible to just close the transports section, leave the city screen displayed and open the newly clicked transport ranking section. The amount of screen area which changes is too grating for me at the moment.

    *note that PTR1 is non-functional on point 4. A click on one stock bar will only ever open the top cargo good(centered windows) or only the city screen without transport ranking displayed(non-centered windows), irrespective of which stock bar is clicked.


  • Hello Thom!

    First, thanks for the positive Feedback, that's good to hear ^^

    I've added the Bugs to our list.

    Regarding your suggestions:

    4.The Tooltip doesn't say where this link would take you, it only describes what the bar is showing. I think that's more or less the case everywhere within the game.

    5. This might be a follow-up error to the bug you described in 4, since it only opens the City screen in side-view. We'll see how it Looks after that one is fixed.

    However, I think it's not intended to be switched over the Widget; once you have opened the City screen, you can just switch Rankings by using the tabs in that screen; or did I misunderstand something?

    Best regards,


  • hi Lars,

    I see I'm behind on some of the elements of the interface. I should probably just stick to bugs :/

    For point 5, I was thinking of scanning through several goods for several citys in a row, so its about the mouse movement distance between clicks in comparison with the option of using the stock bars in the City screen. I've attempted to illustrate this in the picture attached. Green arrows for my moves, red ones for yours. But maybe I just need to think about best positioning of my widget.


  • Don't worry, every (constructive) Feedback is appreciated ^^

    And you're Right from that Point of view. I must admit that thinking About click ways isn't my fortè, personally; no offense, but bothering if I have to move the mouse 1 or 2 cm is the very definiton of a first world Problem.

    Nevertheless, it's in our Guidelines, so I'll Keep it in mind. As I said, it might be a follow-up Problem that is resolved together with the actual bug.