Flashing Station

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  • Hi, every time I collect bonuses for my team mates the Train Station flashes - first the screen is completely white, then some buildings appear, and then finally the normal window. This is very annoying and disturbs a lot my eyes. Can something be done please.



  • Hello,

    this is performance-issue that will be resolved later.

    You could avoid it by using the Association Widget to collect your teammates boni; just click on the +Button in the lower left Corner of the screen and choose Association.

    Best regards,


  • It's very easy to work with the Widget. I knew it existed, but until now I could not imagine what it was for.

    Thanks a lot, dear Lars! :)

  • Hello Marcello,

    do you still have that Problem? We can't reproduce it on our side… Maybe as a Workaround, you could try to deactivate the graphical Station in the Options - though I can not say if this will work.

    Best regards,