• PTR 2 is still messed up...I cant schedule any of my engines cause nothing responds....I thought dial was slow PTR 2 is even slower cant play cause nothing works.. now my engines are gonna go into repair mode and thats where there gonna be and I cant repair cause that doesent work either.....to many glitches and bugs now PTR 1 does the same thing nothing responds on any screen

  • Hello,

    I looked into HRF's account, and could find no problem either; it's probably a Hardware-related problem - at least in part. But we know the HTML-Version isn't fully optimized yet, that will be done at a later date.

    The best General advice I can give Right now is not to Play in Edge, because even for us the game doesn't run very well there.

    Best regards,


  • when i type a massage my type cursor don't move to the next line,

    with longer messages i don't see the lines below the first screen.

  • theres something wrong with the bonus that Lucy give you. Keeps telling me to join a corperation and Im already in one ,But it doesent recognize it on PTR 2 but all the other boards PTR 3 & 1 do recognize