fastforward to era 6

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  • for the love of all that is holy STOP TIME WARPING unless you are going to do it right, lottery tickets etc are nice yes, but if you are going to do this do it right
    1. Level up ALL station buildings to max lab, track production, engine house, concourse etc. because even with all the free lottery tickets AND the gold, we will not have time or money in a 7 day era to get to where we should be when endgame starts

    2. Complete research of previous eras, as it is now, we have to use era 3 engines in era 6.

  • Hello,

    first of all, sorry for the short notice, it was only decided today that we would have to set the time Forward.

    However, this was more or less necessary, because we will have to reset the Servers the week after next, and this way, we wanted to ensure that you would be able to Play the endgame at all.

    Ania TGV The compensation should have gone to every Player, Maybe you'll have to relog (not just browser refresh) to see it.

    Best regards,


  • All well and good to fast forward the server, but how about getting things right when you do it - Kallmunz has just gone through at least 2 consumptions since I logged on with all goods well and truly in the green, yet the city has not levelled up (and yes, I did refresh and still no level up).

    Like I said, if you are going to fast forward the server then make sure you do it properly and not just do a half hearted slapshod job!!!

    This game is rapidly being destroyed by the developers because of constant tinkering with stuff that doesn't need tinkering with - how about making sure your game is the best it can be without issues before messing around with it!!!

  • guys, this is a test server, that is what we're doing testing it. stop moaning and play, report bugs and enjoy playing in a different way than you would on a proper server.

  • Hei Bearfly

    I just took a look on Kallmunz. Yes, the goods are fully delivered, but the passengers not. So the city will only level up, if the passengers are also fully delivered.

    And about the rest: To get the game in good condition, we are here on PTR. The PTR servers are there to find bugs that we can fix. You have to expect that at any time.



  • Lars : I should have been be more clearer..I received compensation for myself but NOT for the player I'm sitting in this moment, even if she has unlocked all the premium features.

    Maybe it's normal. But it's not easy be a sitter in such situation as a fast-forward ...

  • I think too ... to be a sitter is in such moment not the most important thing to consider about.

    Then a player is in vacation, the best is to park the trains.

    He or she can start soon with the new round again.

  • That's why I like to play on the PTR3 test server, because something unexpected happens. This makes me look and find solution the challenge, the problem. I hope it will be the same from now on in every new round. :):love: