NEW LOBBY - Bugs, Feedback and Questions

  • 2 visual bugs that sometimes happen:

    1/ The loading bar sometimes come outside the screen.

    2/ When you click in Chrome on the slider, it adds a blue border around it.

  • Hei Rowan in wich language is your lobby?

    Since now, there are only english and german translations, the rest will follow soon (I hope ;) )

    And we will update the lobby again in the next hour so some bugs for the other languages will be fixed. maybe this one is in the fix.

    Jatari thank you, I will forward this to our UI guy :)



  • My lobby is in english :)

    Yeah I have the same.

    Also when using the mobile menu, when clicking on an item opens the correct page but I doesn't close the menu automatically.

  • Hi Pia,

    looks neat on first look.

    However, I personally do not like websites with boxes as it is now... Reason: Boxes are so hard to find and the brain does not connect to them easily... I rather have text only (no icons) than boxes... however I understand that about 2 years ago it was the latest craze to put all in boxes ;-) and I cancelled to visit a lot of websites because they moved to the boxed layout... Intuitive layout would be better than boxes and give people a chance and add text, text text.. (and yes, I am a dinosaur as I still think OS9 at Mac and Windows 3.11, Windows5 on mobile phone were the best operating systems there was). For me icons and boxes are something I do not connect to psychologically and it takes me ages to find which box or icon stands for what (and the rememberance factor is very low for me for icons and boxes too)..

    When you ask me, the old layout was better as it had text... but as I said, that is a personal feeling.



  • Similar:

    Main page was complete, went to the forum to write the message above, went back to the main page and it had lost the achievements


    Reloaded and all was well again.

  • Hei Sasa,

    das sieht wirklich strange aus.

    Kannst du mir noch sagen in welchem browser du spielst, über ewlche seite du auf den server gehst und welche seite du offen hast nebenbei? Ist das die Deine Spielwelten?



  • If the game allows I have all 3 ptr in tabs next to eachother, when that doesn't work I put them in seperate browsers.

    At the moment all three are working nicely without real problems next to eachother - don't even have to reload very often, so performance is really getting good. :)

    ptr3 stumbled a bit during city comp as the competition info won't open again after you have closed it.