screens freeze

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  • I can only take 2 actions before everything freezes and have to refresh browser. fir example, buying plus account, could only click extend/buy 2 times after that nothing happens when i click to extend another week, have to refresh. can only buy lottery tickets then open 2, then have to refresh.

  • Hi Webdec,

    instead of refreshing the browser, you could clean the cache. I do not have this issue and even clean cache about every 3-4 hours which is ok, plus restart browser...

    What system do you use, how much Ram does your computer have, which browser?



  • I cleared the cache, still have the same issue. as far as computer, it is not much beefier, this thing was custom spec'd to run 3D weather radar and 2D weather radar at same time on multiple screens. it's right up there with top of the line gaming systems

  • Hei Webdoc,

    that sounds not good.

    Can you tell me on wich browser you play and wich 'actions' you do before the screen freezes?

    Then I could login with your account and try to reproduce it.



  • i have the same problem - screen is freez. i login, i see game world, but it (game world) is haven't reaction on any my manipulation....

  • huhu Stallker

    I think this is the bug that is caused by the city competition at the moment.

    We have already a fix for it on our internal servers. I will try with your acc if the fix works :)

    After the competition has startet in your cities, you should be able to play again normal.



  • wish you could fix the problem, with every screen you change to ,, it freezes up on PTR 1 & 2...cant get to station to upgrade anything cause screen does not load...research point another one wont load .. you must refresh 6 times or more and it still wont load and then when you fine-ally get to that screen nothing responds what noramly take 2 mins. takes 1 hr. to get it to work and it still wont work ...there a whole lotta bugs in this game that will never get fixed just gotta bear with and just keep refreshing things a dozen times spend more refreshing that I get to ridicules