I can not log in on PTR3 server. Why?

  • Hello Dear Admin,

    Last night, when I went to bed, everything worked fine on the PTR3 server. Starting this morning I tried several times to push myself to continue the game, but the Map barely appeared, the system always threw me out. I do not know why.

    Please fix it. Thank you.

    Have a great day!


    Lacidd23 :)

  • tonight the final is over, even if the login page is still open.

    Immediately after the delivery of the last goods we were thrown out and no one can get in anymore.

  • if you are fast enough, and manage to click on the "World" icon (top of the 4 on the right of the screen) BEFORE the "fireworks" start

    - you will get in.

    The "celebration-screen seems to have a close command. no idea how that happened.

    Although - there seems to be no victory points either, so there is no use to log in, actually...


  • Hello together :)

    We are already working on a fix for this problem.

    But there will probable no update for this PTR3 round.

    We will restart the server with the new fixes.



  • Also problems for me.

    I was pre-registered for the game world, but considered not qualified on trying to enter.


    It's because you only got one star and this is a test for the Masters server which you only will be qualified to enter once you got two stars.

  • but why works for many players the preregistration from the last PTR Classic round?

    many players write this ... they starts int the preregister city and have no choice.

    Masters should be without preregister?

  • Then, when the previous round (Round 15) was still active, it was not yet known that the Rail Nation Masters would be playing this round ... Now, when preparing the PTR3 server for RN Masters, the pre-registrations should have been deleted or changed such problems arise ...

  • Ah, understood on the ranking stars - I hadn't been watching those on PTR.

    Hopefully I can have two stars when this round of PTR1 finishes. Yet another late start for me, unless you can waive me through.


  • ich komm auch nicht rein obwohl mir der button zum beitreten angezeigt wird!

    wenn man oben deine Lobby sieht, dann hast du erst 1 Stern ... für Masters braucht man laut RN aktuell mindestens 2 Sterne um teilnehmen zu können

  • Hello,

    as Saturnin said, you can only enter Masters if you have 2 or more Stars, which means you ranked Top100 in a previous game round.

    However, as announced we will soon open a second Masters-Server, and since most of the Players are already on the first one, we will then add an addditional Star to your account. More info on that later.

    The pre-registration that shouldn't have been there was an omission on our side, we're sorry for the Trouble it caused.

    Best regards,