Train station can not be accesed.

  • confirmed.

    not working with "train station fullscreen"

    not working with "graphical train station"

    working with not "graphical train station"

    Ich distanziere mich hiermit ausdrücklich von meinen Beiträgen, da ich keinerlei Einfluss auf deren Gestaltung oder Inhalt habe

  • still no trains when they are moving from place too place.can't go to the station,and the screen (after a short time) is hard to move.

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  • at the moment the game is unplayable, you can't do anything before you get a blank screen, and have to reload every two minutes

  • I didn't have any problems accessing the station until I killed off the sounds. Then I got the problems mentioned above (and a white screen when inactive). After turning ALL sounds back on I could access the station again.

    edit: I just killed the sound of the laptop now. ;)

  • I can not access the train station. I get the grey loading screen and the train icon, that is as far as I get. After a minute or so, I get a white screen and need to reload.

  • Hello together,

    yes that's sadly a problem with the sound. We are already working on a fix for this issue and hopefully we can update PTR1 today or tomorrow.

    Thank you for your reports :)